Virtual Receptionist

When you’re a small business competing against your competition, you must project an image that puts you in first place. Affordable Virtual Office allows your business to process calls as quickly, efficiently and professionally as your competition, but gives you a leg up with 24-7 service at a fraction of the cost. Through phone relay, email, instant messaging, fax services and more, you can
have employees and contractors anywhere. You can even set up a Virtual Office in which everyone works from home and you have no need for a central office and its expensive overhead.

For less than a 1$ a day you can have a live professional receptionist for your small business 24-7. Compare this to the cost of an employee answering phones or even worse imagine the business you may be loosening if you are relying on an answering machine or cell phone.

TCB AnsweRing Service is a leader in Virtual Office services. You decide what information is provided to your callers. Our agents make it their goal to become familiar with your company and your preferences, so that we receive and react to your calls the way you want – again, at a tiny fraction of the cost of handling the
same traffic at your own central office.

Save money. Expand your reach. Grow your business. Whether you’re in the medical, dental or legal professions, or in any service business, TCB has the Virtual Office solution for you. Like all of our telephone answering services, it is fully customized to your exact specifications. At TCB, we’re here to serve you with the utmost professionalism. We are your “Partners in Excellence” Working together to serve you, your callers and most importantly your business.

Our name says it all . TCB, Taking Care of Business