Business Answering Service

Virtual Receptionists– Some people equate the word “Virtual” with existing strictly on a computer network with no “live” intervention. Our very “live” Virtual Receptionists may not exist in your office, but they exist in ours. And they are available 24 / 7 to give you the peace of mind knowing that they are ready and able to answer your phone, take a message from your caller, give out or gather information and contact you immediately.
Truly A “Front Desk” Receptionist
We can take it one step further. We can literally act as your front desk receptionist by answering your phone in your company name – screening your callers and when appropriate, based on your instructions, “patch” or cross connect your caller directly to you or anyone in your office. We know where you are, which calls are important to you and what you wantdone with each call at any precise moment in the 24 hour day.

Results You Can Count On at a Price You Can Afford
Our clients find our service extremely cost effective. In all likelihood we will be much less expensive than a receptionist sitting in your office. We can also do much more than that one person sitting in your office; take multiple calls etc. and we never take a break, need benefits or insurance or other things you must provide your on site employees.

We are certainly cost effective after hours when you may not receive many calls, but the calls you do receive could be of the utmost importance. We are here 24 / 7 / 365 whether you need us or not and we only charge you for the calls that we answer for you. We do our best to give your company that polished, professional image to help you grow your business.

Your Size and Location – Does not Matter
We provide professional Receptionist service to companies of all sizes, from the one person office to Fortune 500 companies. And we provide our service to clients all across the United States and abroad.


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