Legal Answering Services

Are you an attorney?

Do you manage a law firm?

Are you a partner in a firm or are you the sole lawyer of your practice?

Then TCB Answering Service is perfect for you! We provide busy legal experts like you with a live, offsite receptionist, who can take phone calls, create detailed clientele sheets, or even organize your appointments for your convenience, 24×7.

All of your calls are handled according to your exact specifications–from a custom greeting script, to call escalation, and message delivery.

Your virtual receptionist is always there to handle your calls with courteous professionalism, so you can focus on running-and building-your company.

Your business will run smoother with TCB Answering Service! There are absolutely no long term contracts, so you can go month-to-month and never miss another call. Your callers will always get a live receptionist. Any day. Any hour. With our simple, same day setup, getting started is easy.