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MedicalSmall Bussiness ConstructionService Vendors Real Estate Property Management Goverment Agencys Vacation RentalsLegal Services

24-7 Live Answering Service

Live telemessaging, or live telephone answering service, is absolutely the best way to present a professional image to your callers.

Twenty-four hour, live answering is the clear choice for many of our clients and, for some, there is simply no substitute. A friendly and caring voice on the line is reassuring for many callers, particularly for those in urgent or stressful situations. For those in an emergency situation, no “button ushing” is welcome indeed.

Our sophisticated computer system assists our trained operators in providing quality and professional service with that “personal touch”. Any business or professional with an emphasis on premium customer service will benefit from our quality fully live service.

Our team of courteous and skilled operators will answer in your company name and will represent you in a manner to be proud of. We still believe that the customer comes first. Experienced full-time supervisors monitor our live operations, and back-up staff is always on call to ensure the quality of service that our reputation was built on.

We can customize a rate package to exactly fit your needs. We have rates for high volume users and for low volume users and packages to fit every budget. Service starts at less than 1$ a day.Click here for curent pricing

Dispatch Services

TCB Answering Service is known for excellence in its dispatching service and dispatching aid. The core of our system is skilled operators coupled with superior and organized dispatching software that makes any message dispatch simple and accurate. Our operators, all who have excellent communication and computer skills, are responsible for sending and receiving genuine and dependable messages, recording crucial information, and tracking important equipment and vehicles if necessary. You never want to leave your callers or customers with a recorded message if they are in need of rapid dispatch because of an emergency situation.

Virtual Receptionist

When you’re a small business competing against your competition, you must project an image that puts you in first place. Affordable Virtual Office allows your business to process calls as quickly, efficiently and professionally as your competition, but gives you a leg up with 24-7 service at a fraction of the cost. Through phone relay, email, instant messaging, fax services and more, you can
have employees and contractors anywhere. You can even set up a Virtual Office in which everyone works from home and you have no need for a central office and its expensive overhead.

For less than a 1$ a day you can have a live professional receptionist for your small business 24-7. Compare this to the cost of an employee answering phones or even worse imagine the business you may be loosening if you are relying on an answering machine or cell phone.

TCB AnsweRing Service is a leader in Virtual Office services. You decide what information is provided to your callers. Our agents make it their goal to become familiar with your company and your preferences, so that we receive and react to your calls the way you want – again, at a tiny fraction of the cost of handling the
same traffic at your own central office.

Save money. Expand your reach. Grow your business. Whether you’re in the medical, dental or legal professions, or in any service business, TCB has the Virtual Office solution for you. Like all of our telephone answering services, it is fully customized to your exact specifications. At TCB, we’re here to serve you with the utmost professionalism. We are your “Partners in Excellence” Working together to serve you, your callers and most importantly your business.

Our name says it all . TCB, Taking Care of Business

Elevator & Emergency Phones

Elevators must operate around the clock and emergencies can happen at any time. Our Elevator answering service and dispatch call center will be there to take your call when it counts the most. In an event of an emergency, such as an elevator stopping between floors, the occupants pick up the emergency telephone which routes directly to our call center where our operators are experts at calming distressed occupants and rapidly dispatching the call. All of your emergency on-call information and other relevant account information appear on our operator’s terminal assuring that the emergency situation will be handled flawlessly.

Emergency Call Box

Do you have an emergency phone located on your property, maybe for after hour’s emergencies or guest concerns at your hotel? Let TCB handle these calls. We have the most advanced capabilities compared to our competitors and we’re ready to take your company to a new level of excellence in customer support. Our service is becoming the industry standard service for emergency phone monitoring.

Mass Notification Services

Contacting your customers, employees, or members has never been easier. Our simple-to-use user interface gets out thousands of calls in just minutes. Quickly record a message using our system – or Our operators can record it for you, upload an Excel or CSV phone list, schedule a time and date for your message to go out, and TCB will place thousands of calls on your behalf at 50 calls-per minute You can even include a transfer-1 option to instantly transfer hot leads directly to your or our agents. This is perfect for mass notifications of facility closures, emergencies, or delayed sporting events. Click here for more information

Voice Mail

Voice mail, or voice messaging, is a powerful communications tool that allows you to stay in touch anytime, anywhere, all at a cost significantly less than a fully live service. Voice mail can also be an effective means of communicating with your clients, and even your own staff, all but eliminating annoying “telephone tag”. There is nothing to buy and there is nothing to install and learning how to use it is a breeze. Same day service is available in most cases. However, not all voice mail systems or services are created equal. Our system is user friendly, versatile and reliable. It can be programmed as a simple voice mail box, or as a multi-branching account, allowing communcation between users. It can activate your pager to alert you to important messages, dial your cell phone,
or it can be programmed to “0” out to an operator for assistance. Our trained professionals will help you get started and clear, simple voice prompts will maximize ease of operation for you and your callers. Click here for curent pricing


Some of our customers include:

Air Conditioning Companies
Alarm Monitoring Services
Cable TV Companies
Chimney Cleaning Companies
Cleaning Companies
Electrical Contractors
EMS Transport Services
Fencing Companies
Fuel Oil Delivery Service Companies
Funeral Homes
Health and Medical Care Centers
Heating Services
Hospice Nurses
Hospital Equipment Providers

Manufacturer Representatives
Medical Equipment Specialists
Oxygen Equipment Services
Paving Companies
Pharmacies that Deliver
Physicians and Surgeons
Refrigeration Companies
Restaurant Reservations
Roofing Companies
School Districts
Sewage Authorities
Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services

Taxi Cabs
Towing Companies
Veterinary Hospitals
Visiting Nurses
Water Authorities


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