Welcome to TCB Answering Service

TCB AnsweRing Service is a modern state-of-the-art telephone messaging center. We offer a full range of live telephone answering services and voice mail services, with a focus on quality, personal service and attention to detail.

Our company standards of “Partners in Excellence” says it all. We work with our clients as a partner to ensure their callers needs are met in a professional manner that keeps them coming back.

Businesses and professionals across the country choose TCB for excellent service backed by our team of experienced operators and our “always on call” management.
We offer customizable service options ranging from fully live telephone answering services to voice mail services to text messaging or any combination of these. We will provide you with just exactly the right type of service to best suit your needs.

Live telemessaging, or live telephone answering service, is absolutely the best way to present a professional image to your callers.
Twenty-four hour, live answering is the clear choice for many of our clients and, for some, there is simply no substitute. A friendly and caring voice on the line is reassuring for many callers, particularly for those in urgent or stressful situations. For those in an emergency situation, no “button pushing” is welcome indeed.
When you’re a small business competing against your competition, you must project an image that puts you in first place. Affordable Virtual Office allows your business to process calls as quickly, efficiently and professionally as your competition, but gives you a leg up with 24-7 service at a fraction of the cost.
TCB Answering Service is known for excellence in its dispatching service and dispatching aid. The core of our system is skilled operators coupled with superior and organized dispatching software that makes any message dispatch simple and accurate. Our operators, all who have excellent communication and computer skills, are responsible for sending and receiving genuine and dependable messages, recording crucial information, and tracking important equipment and vehicles if necessary.
Voice mail, or voice messaging, is a powerful communications tool that allows you to stay in touch anytime, anywhere, all at a cost significantly less than a fully live service.
Voice mail can also be an effective means of communicating with your clients, and even your own staff, all but eliminating annoying “telephone tag”. There is nothing to buy and there is nothing to install and learning how to use it is a breeze. Same day service is available in most cases.